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Shoplifting, Addiction & Compulsive Stealing

It can be extremely challenging to gain control of compulsive behaviors without support. We work with individuals to take back control by no longer letting behaviors such as stealing, substance abuse, anger management and other compulsions get in the way of personal, professional and spiritual goals. It is likely these out-of-control behaviors are hurting you financially, emotionally, and creating distance between you and those that you love.

There are many different reasons that can motivate a person to seek support with these behaviors. Whether you have been arrested, fear being arrested, have lost close relationships, have experienced feelings of shame or are ready to change these behaviors; we are committed to supporting you. We will teach you about emotions and there association to your behaviors as well as skills to manage them in a healthy manner.

We are happy to answer any questions that you might have and look forward to helping you to create a plan for healthier living without these behaviors that cause feelings of shame, alienate you, and often lead to criminal charges.

Currently, we are contracted with First Parish Court to provide group therapy for individuals on probation for theft charges and are now offering this treatment to individuals at our offices. If you are referred by a court, we are happy to provide assessments and group or individual sessions. We are happy to provide you with the documentation required by the courts regarding your participation in treatment.